About Had It With
Newsom's Tyrannical Governance? 
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Looking to Ditch California?
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Huntington Beach
To Find Something That's Nearly Lost

      ⊗ Are You Living Under Tyranny?
      ⊗ Your Taxes Are Too Many & Too High?
      ⊗ Are Your Rights Being Ignored & Trampled Upon?
      ⊗ Is Fuel & Energy Too Expensive?
      ⊗ Are Regulations & Fees Breaking You?
      ⊗ Driving On More Potholes Than Road?
      ⊗ Can't Go to Your Favorite Place to Eat?
      ⊗ Looking for Better Sporting, Fishing, Hunting?
      ⊗ Entertainment Shut Down?
      ⊗ Housing Costs Too Much?
      ⊗ Are Rioters Burning Down Your Neighborhoods?

 What's It Called? 
Taking Me There
Conservative Southwest Missouri